Facts And Questions


Why do I need a dog walker?

For pup parents who work during the day, a regular dog walking service is part of any responsible dog care routine. Dogs are social animals like people. And like people, if they do not get regular stimulation (i.e. are forced to stay home alone all day) they will develop behavioral problems. And, all dogs, big and small, need regular physical activity to stay healthy. It also goes without saying the vast majority of dogs need to relieve themselves sometime during mid day. We take our dogs to the park for at least an hour in stable group of 5 to 8 dogs. At the park they get plenty of socialization and exercise with their buddies. They also get to go to the bathroom.



How long does my dog need to be out?

That really depends on the dog. For most dogs the hour and a half to two hours they are out with us is plenty to get the exercise and stimulation they need. Our dogs usually take a mid morning nap before they go out with us then nap after they get home. But some dogs, like athletic dogs or needy dogs, need more exercise or can't take being home alone too long so two playgroups is a better option.




What is the difference between Dog Walking and Dog Day Care?

As described above, dog walking with us entails us picking up the dogs and taking them to a safe off leash park with the same group of dogs then dropping them off. This gives the dogs the socialization and individualized exercise then need. Doggy day care, on the other hand, involves parents dropping their dogs off at a facility where the dogs remain sedentary most of the time. The dogs are exposed to large changing numbers of different dogs. At the end of the day, after work, parents must drive to the facility to pick up their pup. Our dog walking rates average about $18.50 per dog a day. Doggy day care rates in San Francisco average about $30.00 per dog per day.



Why should I choose Who Let the Dogs Out!?

We are one of the best established largest dog walking companies in San Francisco. We have been walking dogs since 2003. We are also fully insured and bonded. Our staff is professional and well trained. Our walkers are all Pet Tech and CPR certified. In addition to our walkers, we have independent support staff that respond directly to client calls and walker needs. Because of our system and great staff we haven't missed a day of dog walking in seven years.



How Do I Sign Up?

Call or email Lauren (415-706-2556, lauren@dogsoutsf.com) She will set up a consultation with you and your pup to get information to determine whether your pup is right for one of our services and what services are best for parent and dog needs. We require all dogs to have San Francisco registered tags to go out in group with us, be vaccinated and be on an anti flea and tick medication.



Do you provide training services?

Our walkers provide light training during playgroup, like working on recall, teaching dogs to play better with others, impulse control and general obedience. We do not provide more involved training/behavioral modification for aggressive dogs or dogs with serious behavioral problems. We have a zero tolerance policy toward aggressive dogs. If you need heavy dog training we can provide a reference.