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Mobile Grooming

Why choose Who Let the Dogs Out!, Mobile Grooming?

WE PERFORM ALL THE SERVICES OF A PROFESSIONAL GROOMING SALON. We provide a complete range of grooming services (for Cats and Dogs)-Baths, Trims and Cuts, Styling, Nail Clipping and much more! 

-FULL SERVICE CONVENIENCE, SAVE TIME! NO STRESS!- We come straight to your front door so you don’t have to worry about putting your stinky friend into your car or worry about mean dirty dogs at your local groom shop.

For nervous and elderly pets, a trip to the groom shop can be a traumatic experience. Often, at a groom shop, pets are caged waiting for their appointment or pick up. Also large numbers of dogs in a confined space creates  a stressful environment for shy dogs and cats. 

You don’t have to worry drive time and working out the pick up and drop off details for a grooming appointment. Call or book online to schedule an appointment and we will handle all the other logistics of your pet’s grooming appointment.

-OVER A 10 YEAR FOUNDATION OF SERVICE TO SF PETS NOW WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY- Our state-of-the-art Mercedes grooming van is a full service groom shop on wheels. It has fully self contained water and electrical systems. The interior has ample standing room, it is ventilated, has a full size grooming table, premium clippers and vacuums and a full size tub that can fit a Great Dane. We also think the paint job is pretty cool too!

Our head groomer, Melissa, has over 10 years of experience. She comes very highly recommended. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service or we will refund your money.

Who Let the Dogs Out!, is founded, owned and operated in San Francisco. We are part of your community. 

Service Area:

The City and County of San Francisco. Also 10 miles south to Daily City, Pacifica, Brisbane and South San Francisco if we can fit the location into our schedule. If you are not sure whether we can service your location, call us, we can’t stand dirty dogs, maybe we can work something out.

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